Salt Groups

Serving And Living Together

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Vision: The vision of Grace Point is, “to love, know, and spread Jesus to all hearts both near and far as we do life together”
Mission of SALT Groups: We accomplish the vision of GP through the process of Serving And Living Together (SALT); which in turn leads us on a journey of deeper involvement through these four essential elements:
“The Gathering of God’s people, celebrating the risen Lord Jesus Christ and His power to transform lives” – John 12:32
“Intimate, interactive worship, responding to God’s call to abide in Him through prayer” John 15
“Answering God’s call to be the Body of Christ  by personally engaging our lives into each other’s lives” – Acts 2:42-47
“Preparing God’s people for works of service” – Ephesians 4:12
What are Salt Groups?
Salt groups are the small communities within our large community of GP.  They are gatherings of 5-20 people who meet regularly/weekly in homes, businesses, schools, and other venues all over the city.  Salt groups serve as an ongoing discipleship setting where we are intentional about growing together in the Lord.  Each group may vary in structure and content as each one may have its own unique design based on who is in it and what they are studying.  But they will all share the common goal of pressing each other towards loving, knowing and spreading Jesus Christ.
Why Salt Groups?
Because people are the church and not a building, anytime a group of people gather together in His name, He is there. As we look at the elements of the early church from the book of Acts, discipleship, fellowship, worship, prayer, and service, we see them exercised and practiced in homes throughout the week, not just in the large temple setting.  Remember there were over 3000 saved, just the first day. The only way to effectively disciple all of them at once, was to break into smaller groups and meet in homes all of the city. Here at GP, it is in these smaller “Salt Group” settings where the Christian Life is modeled, shared and practiced in a very real and personal way, and transformed lives are the result. (1Timothy 4:12b; Titus 2:7)

Weekly Meetups


This group, lead by Keith Lucas, meets at the church on Tuesday evenings.  Their next study will be on the book of Genesis

Wednesday 6:00

Cody Gaston leads a group that meets at the Mill's house on Wednesdays.

Bob Ryan leads a group that meets at the Angel's house on Wednesdays.

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