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Grace Point Ministries is a family brought together by our undying love and never ending pursuit of Jesus Christ. We are a family that enjoys spending time together not only on Sundays, but throughout the week. We are not interested in just playing church, but rather in doing life together.

We are not governed by a Church Board of Directors, but instead are led by biblical eldership as we link arms together so that we may grow in our love for Christ and our understanding of the Scriptures. The truth is presented in its entirety and grace is fully offered. We are a family that freely opens our arms to accept and embrace the lovable and the unlovable. We are people who understand the challenges of raising a family in today’s world, who remain true to Scripture both inside and outside of the home and whose mission is to spread the name and love of Christ until it permeates our community.

The Grace Point family is strongly committed to true biblical eldership and not to the traditional model of an ordained pastor and his staff leading in a “top down – leaders to servants” relationship. Instead, our family is built upon New Testament eldership in which pastoral leadership replaces board style leadership. We choose to serve our Lord with a shared plurality of leadership comprised of qualified men working together in humility, accountability and servant hood.

Grace and Peace,
Servants of Christ

For more information on Biblical Eldership, refer to the following resources:
Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership by Alexander Strauch


Jeremy Ellis


Jeremy Ellis was born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana then moved to Okeechobee, Florida, where he enjoyed his teenage years in much warmer weather...

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Zac Crosby


Zac Crosby is originally from Massachusetts. He was raised in a small New England town richly steeped in the Catholic faith. Growing up, he participated in the church’s youth activities...

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