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Do Not Disturb

February 3, 2019

Do Not Disturb

Mark 5:1-20; Colossians 1:15-21

This is not a story solely about a demon-possessed man.  It is a story about a broken man in need of redemption. A man in complete isolation and then, JESUS!

Once Jesus and his disciples cross the river, they encounter this broken man….demon-possessed.  A man living in isolation with a “Do Not Disturb” sign between him at the tombs and the rest of the community living their lives regularly.

But even the demons know who Jesus is.  They have never wavered in who Jesus is….they know Him and His presence.  The demons needed permission to move….demons were not allowed to do anything unless Jesus gave them permission (vs 13).

Colossians 1:15-21 – All things are made by, through, and for Him….for Jesus to be glorified…Jesus always has the final say.  Jesus is preeminent and in control ALWAYS.

Two people are found in these verses….the broken man who came and kneeled before Jesus (vs 6) and the people who saw the demons removed who came and were afraid (vs 15).  The latter begged Jesus to leave because of how uncomfortable He made them feel.

Vs 18 shows us the story of redemption in the broken man as he begged to go with Jesus.  Jesus told him to “go back to his home and tell his friends how much the Lord has done for you”.  When this broken man went home and told about Jesus’ miracle, “Everyone Marveled”.